Travelling Gantries

All traversing and fixed Access Gantries are a bespoke design and manufactured to suit each specific building / application. They are the ideal safe and efficient access solution for maintaining large areas of glazing & cladding.

Carver Engineering Access & Safety Solutions gantries are mainly built in aluminium special profiles, and they are lightweight, strong, durable but blend very well in with the roof / building construction. The gantries can also be fabricated from steel sections and all can be powder coated to a RAL colour of client choice.

The Travelling Gantries usually traverse along aluminium or steel monorails either internally or externally along flat, sloping or curved areas of glazing, such as roof lights, domes or atria.
The Travelling Gantries can cover single roof pitches, or one gantry could cover double roof pitches.

The gantries can be traversed by either manual hand drive or by electrical drive motors.

The Travelling Gantries can have suspension anchor points or monorail tracks as part of their lower structure to enable a demountable Suspended Access Platform to be connected to it and therefore allow access to the vertical glazing / cladding inside an atrium below the gantry.

The Load Capacity of a gantry is the choice of the client`s application, along with the restrictions of the structure it traverses along.

Curved Dome External Travelling Gantry

Internal Straight Travelling Gantry

Internal Inclined Travelling Gantry