Fall Protection and Facade Access System Maintenance

Our asset inspection, testing and maintenance department specialise in the inspection, testing and maintenance of all Work at Height Access and Safety equipment. Working across a variety of industry sectors with key stakeholders our professional team has the knowledge and expertise to improve your Safe Work at Height systems of work whilst undertaking high level activities and the ability to maximise the life span of your asset whilst minimising downtime.

Whether it is a Personal Fall Protection System,  Facade Access Equipment, Abseil System, Guardrail System, Access Ladder or simply your Work at Height PPE our specialists will inspect your work at height safety equipment in accordance with current legislation and industry best practice.

Duty holders which include Building owners, Asset Managers, Property Managers, Contractors or anyone who is held responsible for Safe Work at Height has a legal obligation to ensure that all Work at Height Equipment is properly inspected and maintained.

Our customer service team will help your team to ensure that your Work at Height Systems remain compliant. Each asset following inspection and recertification will be entered on our database which will prompt our team to contact your service manager 8 weeks notice prior to inspection. This will allow your team the opportunity to arrange the follow up inspection in a timely manner so that the Work at Height Equipment certification date doesn’t expire.

In the event of system failure or non-compliance during the inspection a fully detailed report including any findings, reasons for non-compliance and recommendations to bring your Work at Height Safety System in line with current legislation will be provided.