Structural Steel Fabrication Services

Carver Engineering offer a nationwide structural steel fabrication, steelwork, installation & maintenance service for clients within varying market sectors, Rail & Transport, Construction, Mining and Subsea. 

With over 25 years experience in Structural Steel Fabrication we have established a reputation for reliability, performance, service, quality workmanship and expertise with respect to the industries we serve. Our team can support and advise on the Design, Manufacturing and Fabrication of your project to ensure a quick, efficient outcome not only on time but within budget.

A recent Structural Steel project for VolkerRail (Swansea Train Wash Steel Fabrication) saw 30 tonnes of steelwork pass through our factory which was fabricated in under 3 weeks, the steel fabrication was assembled and then disassembled in our facilities which was then shipped to site and errected.

Carver Engineering are the UK’s leading Structural Steel Fabricators - if you have a project enquiry call us on +44 (0)1302 751900 or send us your enquiry using our contact form here