Temporary Suspended Access Platforms

Temporary Suspended Access Platforms or Cradles are a quick, efficient and effective means of accessing a building or other high structure compared to traditional scaffolding, mast climbers or MEWPS.

Temporary Suspended Access Platforms provide a safe access to areas that are not easily accessible using conventional scaffolding, scissors lifts or other types of access.

They are used in the installation of cladding panels and windows, access for inspection works, cleaning, painting, pointing, concrete repairs and similar applications.

Temporary Suspended Access Platforms offer significant savings on works programmes and costs due to the speed of installation and dismantling.

Carver Engineering Access & Safety Solutions can offer access platforms ranging from single Solo cradles to 18m long platforms that can carry 300 plus kgs.

The Temporary Suspended Access Platforms are completely modular in design and can be transported from ground level to roof level by manual handling techniques.

The platforms are suspended from modular roof suspension rigs via steel wire ropes and electrically powered hoists which can be single phase or 3 phase power.

The Temporary Suspended Access Platforms can be configured into various sizes and shaped to suit the client’s requirements, these platform configurations can be angled / cornered, hexagonal, square and double decked, as well as installed in confined places such as inside industrial vessels, ships and lift shafts.

We can also provide special platforms to suit the client’s requirements such as narrow or wider platforms.

As well as having the regulatory safety requirements of top and mid handrails with kicker boards, all our platforms are also fitted with debris netting to prevent small items from being dropped.  

The Temporary Suspended Access Platforms generally do not require tie-ins to hold them into a building like a traditional scaffolding does, so there are no tie-in remedial works required after use.

Mobile Temporary Suspended Access Platforms systems can be developed to give quick, efficient and stable access to the underside of bridge decks, bridge pylons, bridge stay cables and viaducts etc for inspection and repair works.
The modular nature of the equipment allows extra wide platforms to be constructed for bridge and viaduct works which allows the platforms to be contained with containment sheeting to retain blasting and painting debris etc.

Temporary Access Platforms can also be installed onto the permanent monorail systems of an existing Building Maintenance Unit. Usually the existing Building Maintenance Unit will have a cradle designed for two persons to clean and maintain the building façade, but for larger jobs a Temporary Access Platform can provide a bigger work area and load capacity for window / cladding replacement etc.

Temporary Access Platforms

Temporary Double Decked Access Platforms

Special Designed Temporary Access System with Narrow Cradle