Walkway Systems

Carver Engineering Access & Safety Solutions provides the complete range of aluminium and plastic walkway systems for all roof applications. The products offer a total solution for access and maintenance requirements on many roof surfaces including:
  • Standing Seam
  • Composite
  • Built up
  • Secret fix
  • PVC membrane
  • Evowalk Stepped walkway
  • Fall protection panels
  • Pitched roofs – Galvanised or Aluminium levelling support brackets supplied

The walkway is manufactured from re-cycled PVCu and has a unique Anti–Slip surface which is applied during the extrusion process and is available to order in a choice of RAL colour numbers. The plastic walkways have been ultimately designed to protect the roof type from wear and tear from maintenance traffic and offers a demarcation route from any hazardous risk on the roof.

Standing Seam System

The Standing Seam system is provided in either shortways, to run across seams, or longways to run parallel to roof seams and can be fitted to all major standing seam roof systems.

Composite and Built-Up Roof Systems

The products can be used on all major composite roofing systems and can be fitted either across or parallel to roof seams.

Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are easily provided for with the system. Whether the need is for walkway up to the roof apex or transverse across the roof.

Membrane Roofing

We can supply plastic walkway for all major types of Membrane roofing systems, as well as concrete, asphalt and timber surfaces. To ensure that the roof surface is not damaged we supply a protection system.

Stepped Walkway

The Stepped Walkway is generally a bespoke product, specifically designed for each individual roof. We can supply stepped walkway for all roof types, including Standing Seam, Built-Up, Composite or Membrane.

Fall Protection Panels

Fall Protection Panels are required where there is a danger of personnel falling onto fragile roof surfaces, usually adjacent to existing or proposed walkway. The fall protection panels are constructed in wider sections to spread any possible fall load over any fragile roof surfaces.

Aluminium Walkway

The Aluminium walkway is an alternative to the PVCu range. It uses serrated aluminium walkway panels to provide a safe, non-slip route to maintenance personnel. It can also benefit from the addition of toeboard or the Aluminium Guardrail to either side, or both sides if required.


Walkovers or platforms are a bespoke product. Whether the need is to provide access between adjacent roofs or to bridge pipe work or walls, we can design a walkover to solve the problem.